The Workshop: 2017 At A Glance

6:19 PM

At the beginning of every year, everyone feels like there's a chance to start over. I am no exception to that. It's so easy to get caught up with the events of the year that the promises you made at the beginning of the year fades away and the next year you promise the same exact things. This year, I want to do something different. I want to look back on the past year and use these experiences I had in the past year to give my "promises" for 2018 more meaning and more weight. I believe that if there is a strong enough reason for the change, it will happen.

Although, the whole world has experience quite a few "crazy" events, I would say 2017 was not a bad year for me quite honestly. I have actually grown the past year that I even notice it myself. Although I did not have a set 2017 Resolution, I am proud of the changes that has happened in the past 365 days.

The biggest take away from 2017 for me is acceptance. In the past year, I have reconciled with a long lost friend, but at the same time lost one after trying to reconcile with them, both situations I am happy it happened. It's always sad losing a friend, but what I have accepted is that not all friends are meant to stay in your life forever, some are there with the purpose of helping your realize what you want in your life. I am not going to tell you that in 2017 I have figured out how life works, but accepting that I won't and accepting what it throws at me has made the past year bearable and even memorable.

I want to make clear, acceptance does not mean giving up. I did not give up on a friendship and lost it. I did not give up on the people that troubled me. I did not give up on myself for being the way that I am. I simply accepted that there is no reason for me to dwell on a friendship that was not meant to be there in the first place. I accepted that I cannot change people and the way they perceive me, so there's no point trying to "correct" their idea of you. Do not waste your energy on something or someone you have no control over. The only person you can change is yourself, so if you want to make some changes in your life, start with yourself.  I know it sounds so cliche, but trust me, your world will be a better place with a happier you.

I want you all to try this exercise. Finish this thought: I cannot change how anyone sees me, but I would like to change how I see myself. Starting today I want to _________.

Isn't it funny how my change gradually and not notice it, but when we force ourselves to change every year, it seems impossible?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't really have a set resolution list for 2018, but I know for a fact that  I want to use what I've learned about myself in 2017 and continue to grown in 2018. With that being said, this coming year, I just want to be a better version of me. Whatever that means to me. I want to continue growing as I did last year. I want to enhance my talents and continue to hone them.

I hope your 2017 was filled with memories and lessons that you can treasure forever. May 2018 be that and so much more. Happy New Year.

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